Three Must Watch Keralite YouTube Couples

1. We are a Sambavam

Singapore based Keralite couple Sooraj Jayaraman and Ann Sooraj run the Youtube channel “We are a Sambhavam.” The couple exhibits high professionalism combined with a natural talent to act as if they are living in front of the camera. Most of the episodes revolve around real-life situations that correlate to most NRI couples life. The channel currently has a subscriber count of 59,096 as of today and keep counting.

2.Trip couple

According to the author bio of U.S based software engineer, Sanjay’s website which claims that he and his wife Riya are travel addicts. If we watch this couple’s Youtube channel, we must conclude that they are perfectionists too. The couple makes sure that they publish only episodes with high-quality content with exceptional videography and excellent editing skills. Currently, they have 18,015 subscribers with 73 videos in the channel. The channel is a must watch for any Malayali, especially for those travel lovers.

3.Malabari Cafe

Vijil Shivan, an NRI from Dubai started his Youtube venture in the form of “Malabari Cafe” a comedy oriented Malayalam channel after a failure to get attention for the short film he made with his friends. Vijil Shivan and his better half Ambika Vijil runs their Youtube channel that currently has a subscriber list of 28,294. The couple who use the names Dineshan and Sulu in the videos entertain the audience with their exceptional talent in mimicking real-life comedy mixed with a North Kerala (Kannur) accent.

Are there any more coupleĀ  Vloggers from Kerala who you think we missed out from the list? If you think we missed anyone, please share the details on the comments column so that we will update it as soon as possible.


Featured Image Courtesy : Pixabay