Review-Saravanabhavan Restaurant Southall

Review of Saravanabhavan Southall

Saravanabhavan restaurant located in Southall gives me nostalgic memories of Chennai where I used to be regular visitor of few branches of Saravanabhavan whenever I was travelling in and around Chennai city. Only after visiting its  Southall branch, I noticed that has a chain of restaurents spread out into different countries which include Australia, Canada, France, Germany,Singapore and many other places around the globe.

Now let me come back to the details of Saravanabhavan in Southall. This branch of the restaurent chain is easy to locate as it is only less than a minute walk from the Southall national railway station and almost same distance from the grocery store “Quality Foods” which is a favaourite shopping destination for many Indian as well as Asian people in and around Southall and surrounding areas.

The exact address of the restaurent is givel below:

97 South Road,Southall, UB1 1SQ

The restaurent opening hours are from 10:30 in the morning till 11:00 p.m as per the details on their website.

If you are driving to the location, you will have to get a parking pass from the reception desk using which you can park your vehicle in the parking area behind the restaurant for an hour and a half or about an hour when the restaurant is very busy. You don’t need to worry about the time you spend in the restaurent if you are not driving.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, it might take you to the memories of India and you feel like being somewhere in India with the typical Indian crowd talking in loud voice. I know some of you might offended by noisy atmosphere and some not. Overall, the inside of the restaurant looks nice with a typical Indian touch. The glass shelves near the reception desk showcases Indian sweets and Halwa for the customers to buy. The price at whick they sell the sweets is not that high considering the fact that such sweets are not easily available in many places.

Review Saravanabhavan Southall

The Menu / Dishes

I think I don’t need to explain the menu of Saravanabhavan as most of the readers are familiar with what they get from the branch of a Saravanabhavan. However, if anyone of the readers are not familiar the restaurant, they might like to have an idea about the type of food they get from a Saravanabhavan restaurant.

Let me explain the dishes to my non-south Indian readers. Saravanabhavan is a vegetarian restaurant where they serve their customers with South Indian vegetarian dishes. Some of their favourite dishes include Idly, Dosa, Vada, Channa batoora,etc. Their masala dosa is a favourite dish among many of its regular customers. They also provide us with south Indian meal which they sell for a reasonably cheaper price.


The service seems to be better compared to many other Indian restaurants. Being located in a prime location, the only thing they need to improve is their customer service standard as many customers might except a better level of customer service, especially those who are not from India.


I would recomment this restaurant to anyone looking for good South Indian vegetarian dishes. It is a good place to visit with your family. It is worth spending an hour or so with your family especially if you have small children.



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Three Must Watch Keralite YouTube Couples

1. We are a Sambavam

Singapore based Keralite couple Sooraj Jayaraman and Ann Sooraj run the Youtube channel “We are a Sambhavam.” The couple exhibits high professionalism combined with a natural talent to act as if they are living in front of the camera. Most of the episodes revolve around real-life situations that correlate to most NRI couples life. The channel currently has a subscriber count of 59,096 as of today and keep counting.

2.Trip couple

According to the author bio of U.S based software engineer, Sanjay’s website which claims that he and his wife Riya are travel addicts. If we watch this couple’s Youtube channel, we must conclude that they are perfectionists too. The couple makes sure that they publish only episodes with high-quality content with exceptional videography and excellent editing skills. Currently, they have 18,015 subscribers with 73 videos in the channel. The channel is a must watch for any Malayali, especially for those travel lovers.

3.Malabari Cafe

Vijil Shivan, an NRI from Dubai started his Youtube venture in the form of “Malabari Cafe” a comedy oriented Malayalam channel after a failure to get attention for the short film he made with his friends. Vijil Shivan and his better half Ambika Vijil runs their Youtube channel that currently has a subscriber list of 28,294. The couple who use the names Dineshan and Sulu in the videos entertain the audience with their exceptional talent in mimicking real-life comedy mixed with a North Kerala (Kannur) accent.

Are there any more couple  Vloggers from Kerala who you think we missed out from the list? If you think we missed anyone, please share the details on the comments column so that we will update it as soon as possible.


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Roku Express review

Roku Express Review

Features of Roku Express

Roku Express is a very small streaming device using which you can access Netflix, Amazon, HBO, YouTube and much more. The best thing about Roku Express is the fact that it is cheaper compared to other similar products in the market. You can buy Roku Express here for £29.99 from Amazon.

Roku Express is an entry-level streaming device with 1080p streaming compared to the Roku streaming stick with more features and that will cost you around £79.99 in the market. The Roku streaming stick seems to be a bit costlier and I don’t think there is actually the need for it when you can buy Roku Express for just £29.99 and it will help us watch a good number of channels that we would l like to watch.


Roku Express can be considered as a streaming video box rather than a streaming stick.

Roku Express Review

The best part about Roku Express is the real fact that it is actually a tiny box measuring 0.7×3.4x 1.4 inches (HxWxD) which is even smaller than the remote controller provided with the package.

Roku Express Remote Control

The other four components that come with the Roku Express kit includes a micro USB to USB cable, 2foot long HDMI cable, wall adaptor and a double-sided adhesive tape.

Roku Express Review Components

Setting up Roku Express

Setting up the Roku Express is very easy and can be done in a few minutes time.

Here, you just need to connect the box to the TV using the HDMI ports provided and then connect the micro USB cable to the wall adaptor provided. You can also connect the Micro USB cable to the TV itself if your TV has a USP port. (If you connect directly to the TV, you don’t need to use the wall adaptor provided.)

The streaming box can now be attached to the TV using the adhesive tape provided in such a way that the front of your streaming player has a direct line of sight with your remote control.

Now, power on the TV and select the “Input” you used to connect the stream player.
If you need help for selecting the correct input, go to input

Insert the batteries in the remote control. (Two batteries are provided with the package.)
Now, you can activate your stream player by using the computer or smartphone to link to a Roku account and start enjoying the channels.

Roku Review


One major advantage compared to other products is its simple set up process. Also, the price is very attractive compared to similar products you have on the market.



The performance compared to its counterpart is not up to the mark. It is comparatively slow and less powerful when compared with similar products.

Final Verdict

It seems a better and cheap option for those who like to watch news channels and other favourite programs in their own regional language in the comfort of their home and on the TV screen rather than on a laptop. You don’t need to go for the paid channels on the list as the unpaid option itself will provide us with good entertainment and informative channels. There are no monthly payments for the basic service and lots of channels are free, including many that show movies and TV shows.

Not it is your turn whether to buy now or not at a cheap price of £29.99

Still, if you are interested in buying only the Roku streaming stick, you can do that here.

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Home based business ideas for stay at home parents

Work from home

Are you a UK resident? Do you have spare time to do some home based business? Are you stuck at home as you have any other responsibilities that make it impossible to leave home and do a regular nine to five job?

Don’t be frustrated as you have come to the right place to find some ideas for a home-based business that might help you earn more than what you earn from a regular 9 to 5 job. Here you can make a choice from one of the business ideas listed. This checklist is comprehensive because it cuts across different areas. Irrespective of training and qualification, you can fit into many of the business ideas.

Here is the list of 35 home based business ideas you can try from the comfort of your home.

1.Website consultant

If you are interested in doing any consultancy service, you can design a website where you can carry out your consultancy services. Various consultancy services are available and some of them include. Some of the consultancy services include web hosting, search engine optimization, web content consultancy, site maintenance consultancy services and so on.


If you are a good writer, you consider starting a blogging business. Once you have a niche, you can blog about the niche and anything of your choice. For a start, you do not expect it to be successful, but with time, you will begin to make profits from your blogging business as the advantages of running a blog have many benefits. There are lots of UK bloggers. You can think of becoming one today.

3.Upholstery and furniture repair

Upcycling is very popular in the UK today. You have important resources that can assist you to perform different tasks. Shpock is one of the apps you can rely on to become upholstery and furniture repairer. If you have the passion and hardworking nature, you can achieve that. Once you have the basic sewing idea, you can become a successful upholstery repairer and you can do that right in your home or in your client’s homes.

4.Cake making

If you want, you can easily start up a cake making business right in your kitchen. Several UK citizens are turning to this kind of business. You can begin to make cakes as well as cupcakes and make real money out of the business. Once you have the basic knowledge of food preparation hygiene, then you can start with this business right away.

5.Medical billing

Though NHS is available in the country, some of the hospital services require billing because they are not expected to be free. The hospital still requires their payment for services delivered by insurance companies. Because of that medical billing is a lucrative service in the country. You can set up that service. You can undertake a lot of services here.

6.Day Trading Business

There are some day trading businesses that you can do at home. You require a computer and a fast internet connection to do that kind of business. This does not require a heavy investment and you can begin that with your existing capital. You can invest in the foreign exchange market and other forms of day trading.

7.Babysitting and childminding

Most mothers found this job interesting. This is particularly good for mothers with children. You can engage in the business of offering before or after school care. However, before you engage in this kind of home business ensure that you are OFSTED and CRB checked.

8. Take Surveys for Cash

Taking surveys is one of the most lucrative business you can start at home. You do not need any financial investment before you can start. You require only a computer and an internet connection to start. For residents in the UK, this is a great option of making a fantastic income at home.

Home based U.K business idea

Image courtesy: Pixabay

9.Cloud hosting reselling business

Furthermore, you can begin a could hosting reselling business today. If you are comfortable using computers and tech-savvy, this is a good option for you. The prospect of making money is always there. Ensure that you buy from the right source and the best price so that you can make money when you sell them. You can discover more information about that.

10.Herb farming

Herb farming is another form of business you can comfortably start at home. This is one of the fastest growing in the country. Usually, such herbs are used for different products such as candles, soaps, cooking, aromatherapy oil, teas as well as cooking and alternative medicines and so on. You can easily plant this even if you have only small spaces in your home.

11.Computer repairing service

If you are good at troubleshooting computer issues, you can commence a computer repairing service. A lot of people have computers, laptops and cell phones, if you are an expert in that repairing service, you can make plenty of money in the process. The cost of starting that business is not as big as you think as you can easily afford it.

12.Voice over service

If you are blessed with a good and attractive voice, then you can consider starting a voice over service. Many people who can change their voice with relative ease can commence in that business. It is one of the freelance businesses that anybody can commence at home. You can make recordings of your voice and sell them.

13.Confectionary maker

This is almost the same thing with home baking. Many people can easily do the job. For those who are good at preparing delicious chocolates and sweets. This is a good option. You can make money off them by yourself and you can begin to market them as well. Chances are there that you can earn a substantial amount of money in the process.

14.Article writing service

This is almost the same thing as having a blog. The only difference is that you have to establish your article writing service and begin to take orders from other people. It is really possible to make a decent income through that process. There are lots of freelancing sites both in the UK and abroad where you can register and commence your article writing service. It does not cost much to start this kind of business. You only need your computer and internet connection.

15. Sell homemade products on the internet

Nowadays, you can sell almost anything using the comfort of the internet. If you are good at crafting or producing handicrafts or similar items, you can sell such items on the internet and make plenty of money out of it. There are different places you can sell on the internet such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay and so on. Just as you can create several items and market, you can market other people’s products as well.


Another home based business you can start in England today is the counselling business. Before you can do that job, you must be qualified for it. One thing great about the job is that you can do it without stepping out of your home and you can have clients from other parts of the world. Many people close to your home could be coming to you for the advice. This means that you must be prepared for it.

Work from home

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

17.Domestic cleaning

Many people can take to domestic cleaning. Several households engage cleaners to work for them. You can do this kind of job. This is good for sit at home mothers. Doing this kind of cleaning service is not difficult because many people can do that. It does not require investment.

18.Data entry jobs

Another opportunity you can consider today is data entry work. The task can be arduous and because of that, many people doing that prefer to outsource it. You can pick this kind of job and earn a passive income. If you are good at that, you will always get regular clients.

19. Sell Services in the online market

If you are a professional like a doctor or a teacher, you can sell your services on the internet. Tons of sites are available on the internet that can help you sell your services once you are an expert in the area you want to market. One of such sites is You can earn a decent income from this kind of business.

20.Debt collection

Several companies are looking for people to employ as debt collection workers. This is not a pleasant task as it is not easy to do. If you do that job very well, you can earn a decent income from the job. The working hours are flexible.

21.Dog walking business

Many households do not have the time to walk their pets especially their dogs in their compound. If you are keen on doing such a job, you can engage in the dog walking business. It can be a part-time income source for you while you are studying or doing some other jobs. Once you have expertise in that, several pet owners could be soliciting for your services.

22.E-commerce store

You can establish an E-commerce store for local produce. There are lots of local products which you can sell online once you have an e-commerce website or store. You have to do your feasibility study before you can engage in this kind of business. Ensure that you market readily available products.

23. Start a membership site

You can have a membership website. If you have many people on the site, you will be having a recurring income. You can earn money through the subscription charge you make per member. If you want to sell digital products, you can become part of this business.


You can think of engaging in home embroidery service. This is good for those who have artistic orientation. This is a profitable business and you can do that once you have a sewing machine and you are able to prepare one yourself. You can offer different kinds of services here.

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25.Establish a local community magazine and website

You can make news by establishing a local community website and magazine. If you have many people reading the information you provide on the site, this can be a great money-making business. If you are able to establish this kind of business, you should get an opportunity to earn an income from it through different resources connected to it.

26.Graphic design

Graphic designing is another sit at home jobs anybody can easily. Many companies need graphic designers. If you are an expert in that, you can advertise your services. The job is always demanding and this means you must be devoted for that. You can always offer this services on various websites like Fiverr. This is part of freelancing jobs you can do today.

27.Social media marketing

Every small business will require the services of social media. Because of that you can become a social media marketer and you can do that right in your home. It also requires a fast internet connection and a computer. Some of the social media sites you can use for such services include Facebook, Twitter and so on.


You can earn money as a home dresser. You can do it in your home and it requires a mobile hairdressing service. You can do that without going to the client’s home. This job is good for male and female. You can earn decent money once you know what you are doing.

29. Websites Teaching full Courses

You can become an online tutor. The best way to do that is to design a website dedicated to teaching full courses. You must be a professional and an expert on the topics that you are teaching. It is possible to make plenty of money from the system once you monetise the site.

30.Home hosting

Some people devote their time to host other people in their homes. You can allow strangers, host them and charge them for your services. This kind of business can yield plenty of income. There are several sites you can rely on for this kind of service. The prominent amongst them is Home Away and Air hub.

31. Selling Websites

you know how to design a website, you can design as many as possible and sell them. You can even sell your own website. Once your site generates a lot of traffic you can earn huge amount of money when you sell the sites to people who need it most.

32.Homemade crafts and cards

If you are creative and you are artistic, you can consider investing in homemade crafts and cards. It does not cost much to establish such a business and once you start it, you can earn huge sums of money. Lots of people are looking for this kind of product.

33.WordPress Security & Backup Services

Many sites owners are interested in discovering the best way to secure their sites. If you are an expert in this area, this could be an opportunity to invest in WordPress security and backup services. You can make plenty of money in this as you will help many people have their sites secured.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

34.Becoming a business coach

This is another way of earning passive income from your home. Such has to be an online coaching business. The most interesting aspect of this business is that you will not step out of your home. You can expand the services by taking to podcasts, run webinars, write a book as well as public speaking and so on.

35.Teaching and hosting foreign students

Many people from other parts of the world will like to have further education in the U.K. You can benefit from that by hosting those students and teaching them the English language. You can assist them to prepare for courses like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE etc if you are comfortable doing that.

Bottom Line

If any of you reading this post, please don’t forget to leave a comment and any more home based business ideas coming up in your mind so that I will update this post with more points for the readers.

For your success


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