Review-Saravanabhavan Restaurant Southall

Review of Saravanabhavan Southall

Saravanabhavan restaurant located in Southall gives me nostalgic memories of Chennai where I used to be regular visitor of few branches of Saravanabhavan whenever I was travelling in and around Chennai city. Only after visiting its  Southall branch, I noticed that has a chain of restaurents spread out into different countries which include Australia, Canada, France, Germany,Singapore and many other places around the globe.

Now let me come back to the details of Saravanabhavan in Southall. This branch of the restaurent chain is easy to locate as it is only less than a minute walk from the Southall national railway station and almost same distance from the grocery store “Quality Foods” which is a favaourite shopping destination for many Indian as well as Asian people in and around Southall and surrounding areas.

The exact address of the restaurent is givel below:

97 South Road,Southall, UB1 1SQ

The restaurent opening hours are from 10:30 in the morning till 11:00 p.m as per the details on their website.

If you are driving to the location, you will have to get a parking pass from the reception desk using which you can park your vehicle in the parking area behind the restaurant for an hour and a half or about an hour when the restaurant is very busy. You don’t need to worry about the time you spend in the restaurent if you are not driving.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, it might take you to the memories of India and you feel like being somewhere in India with the typical Indian crowd talking in loud voice. I know some of you might offended by noisy atmosphere and some not. Overall, the inside of the restaurant looks nice with a typical Indian touch. The glass shelves near the reception desk showcases Indian sweets and Halwa for the customers to buy. The price at whick they sell the sweets is not that high considering the fact that such sweets are not easily available in many places.

Review Saravanabhavan Southall

The Menu / Dishes

I think I don’t need to explain the menu of Saravanabhavan as most of the readers are familiar with what they get from the branch of a Saravanabhavan. However, if anyone of the readers are not familiar the restaurant, they might like to have an idea about the type of food they get from a Saravanabhavan restaurant.

Let me explain the dishes to my non-south Indian readers. Saravanabhavan is a vegetarian restaurant where they serve their customers with South Indian vegetarian dishes. Some of their favourite dishes include Idly, Dosa, Vada, Channa batoora,etc. Their masala dosa is a favourite dish among many of its regular customers. They also provide us with south Indian meal which they sell for a reasonably cheaper price.


The service seems to be better compared to many other Indian restaurants. Being located in a prime location, the only thing they need to improve is their customer service standard as many customers might except a better level of customer service, especially those who are not from India.


I would recomment this restaurant to anyone looking for good South Indian vegetarian dishes. It is a good place to visit with your family. It is worth spending an hour or so with your family especially if you have small children.



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