Roku Express review

Roku Express Review

Features of Roku Express

Roku Express is a very small streaming device using which you can access Netflix, Amazon, HBO, YouTube and much more. The best thing about Roku Express is the fact that it is cheaper compared to other similar products in the market. You can buy Roku Express here for £29.99 from Amazon.

Roku Express is an entry-level streaming device with 1080p streaming compared to the Roku streaming stick with more features and that will cost you around £79.99 in the market. The Roku streaming stick seems to be a bit costlier and I don’t think there is actually the need for it when you can buy Roku Express for just £29.99 and it will help us watch a good number of channels that we would l like to watch.


Roku Express can be considered as a streaming video box rather than a streaming stick.

Roku Express Review

The best part about Roku Express is the real fact that it is actually a tiny box measuring 0.7×3.4x 1.4 inches (HxWxD) which is even smaller than the remote controller provided with the package.

Roku Express Remote Control

The other four components that come with the Roku Express kit includes a micro USB to USB cable, 2foot long HDMI cable, wall adaptor and a double-sided adhesive tape.

Roku Express Review Components

Setting up Roku Express

Setting up the Roku Express is very easy and can be done in a few minutes time.

Here, you just need to connect the box to the TV using the HDMI ports provided and then connect the micro USB cable to the wall adaptor provided. You can also connect the Micro USB cable to the TV itself if your TV has a USP port. (If you connect directly to the TV, you don’t need to use the wall adaptor provided.)

The streaming box can now be attached to the TV using the adhesive tape provided in such a way that the front of your streaming player has a direct line of sight with your remote control.

Now, power on the TV and select the “Input” you used to connect the stream player.
If you need help for selecting the correct input, go to input

Insert the batteries in the remote control. (Two batteries are provided with the package.)
Now, you can activate your stream player by using the computer or smartphone to link to a Roku account and start enjoying the channels.

Roku Review


One major advantage compared to other products is its simple set up process. Also, the price is very attractive compared to similar products you have on the market.



The performance compared to its counterpart is not up to the mark. It is comparatively slow and less powerful when compared with similar products.

Final Verdict

It seems a better and cheap option for those who like to watch news channels and other favourite programs in their own regional language in the comfort of their home and on the TV screen rather than on a laptop. You don’t need to go for the paid channels on the list as the unpaid option itself will provide us with good entertainment and informative channels. There are no monthly payments for the basic service and lots of channels are free, including many that show movies and TV shows.

Not it is your turn whether to buy now or not at a cheap price of £29.99

Still, if you are interested in buying only the Roku streaming stick, you can do that here.

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